The source of the Nile - uganda

The source of the Nile

The world's longest river

The source of the Nile - uganda

The source of the Nile

The world's longest river

The source of the Nile - uganda

The source of the Nile

The world's longest river

The source of the Nile - uganda

The source of the Nile

The world's longest river

There is something magical about the Nile, the longest river in the world and the source of life for many great civilizations throughout the ages. The source of the Nile, alluded to hazily in the ancient writings of Ptolemy, stood as one of the great geographical mysteries of the Victorian Age. Closer to home, the Nile downriver from Jinja, Uganda, offers some superb white water rafting and game fishing.

The source of all this tumult is marked by a modest sign that reads “The Source of River Nile - Jinja - World's Longest River” at Ripon Falls, a series of cataracts that are partially submerged due to dams constructed downriver. A small cafe and shops, as well as boat dock with tours for hire, are located adjacent to this monument.

The Nile River flows from Jinja- central Uganda Northwards through Sudan, Egypt and Finally the Mediterranean Sea. It begins in the rivers that flow into Lake Victoria located in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya, and empties into the Mediterranean Sea more than 6,600 kilometers (4,100 miles) to the north, making it the longest river in the world. The Nile River was critical to the development of ancient Egypt. Its three main tributaries are the White Nile, the Blue Nile, and the Atbara.

For millennia, much of Egypt's food has been cultivated in the Nile delta region. Ancient Egyptians developed irrigation methods to increase the amount of land they could use for crops and support a thriving population. Beans, cotton, wheat, and flax were important and abundant crops that could be easily stored and traded. In Uganda, The Nile has been Helpful in generating hydroelectric power, and many tourism activities such as white water rafting and spot fishing.

How Many Niles?

Like many rivers of comparable length, the Nile has a number of major tributaries, or upper branches that feed into it. The main two, the Blue Nile and the White Nile, meet in Khartoum before continuing northwards through Sudan and into Egypt. Scottish explorer James Bruce claimed to be the first European to see the source of the Blue Nile in 1770, reaching a marsh and the falls at Tis Abay in Ethiopia, though Spanish Jesuit Pedro Paez actually beat him by more than 150 years, arriving at Lake Tana in 1618, Ondaatje says. Part of the Nile the flows from Lake Victoria northwards to Lake Albert delta is called Victoria Nile, while the part after Lake Albert is the Albert Nile and immediately after crossing the Uganda Boarder into southern Sudan, it becomes the White Nile. The Blue Nile is tributary of the Nile River flowing from Lake Tana in Ethiopia and meeting the White Nile at Khartoum, Sudan, to form the Nile River


White-Water Rafting on the Nile

Despite the intensity of some of the rapids, most people who venture here are first-time rafters ask for an adrenaline rush as part of their tour in Uganda. The stretch of rapids along the upper Nile near Jinja is considered one of the most spectacular places in Africa to go white-water rafting. Another option to this one is a family float trip.


The solo kayak at the Nile will be yet another opportunity to experience the white water.

Boat Cruises:

Have a sunset boat cruise to the source of the Nile. This will surely lighten up your evening as you will be able to take photos during the cruise and you will have a close sight of the river.

Horseback Ride along the Nile:

While in Jinja make sure you participate on this activity which may take 2-3 hours on healthy horses and the people waving to you as you pass their local villages will surely bring a smile to your face. The horses are very well trained and maintained by their Australian owners.

Bungee Jumping:

This will be yet another scary but very interesting activity for you. This is done over the waters of the Nile River on the plat form perched 44m. Try this out because it will be a memorable experience.

Fishing on the Nile:

This is done both in the Nile River and Lake Victoria which the largest fresh waters in Uganda with many fish species, Nile perch inclusive. Get an opportunity to fish here if only you bring your equipment for the sport fishing activity and a permit from UWA.

Beautiful Sceneries in The source of the Nile

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